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The Probate Timeline

The following is a brief overview of the steps in the probate process and the correlating estimated time frame.  No two probate cases are the same. Each probate case is as unique and individual as a fingerprint. What follows below represents a sample timeline. Time frames will vary depending on many factors.

Activities in the Probate Process

Activity Timeframe
Prepare and File Petition for Probate. 1-2 months
Court hearing on the Petition for Probate 2-3 months
Orders for Probate & Letters of Administration/Testamentary
issued by the Court. Bond issued, if ordered
2-4 months
(if not contested)
Notice to Creditors filed 2-4 months
Notice to Department of Health Services Inventory & Appraisement 4-8 months
State and Federal Taxes are paid, if necessary 6-12 months
Reject or Allow Claims of Creditors 6-12 months
Possible Preliminary Distributions from Estate 6-12 months
Notice to Department of Health Services (if deceased received medical) 6-12 months
Notice to Franchise Tax Board (if heir is out of state) 6-12 months
Claim of Exemption (if assets transfer to a minor) 6-15 months
Receive Final Tax Letter from State and Federal, if appropriate 6-18 months
File Petition for Final Distribution and Accounting 8-16 months
Hearing on Petition for final Distribution and Accounting 8-16 months
Order Approving Final Distribution and Accounting 8-16 months
Distribution of Assets to Heirs 9-17 months
Final Discharge Order (indicates close of probate case) 9-18 months
Final Distribution of Funds 9-18 months

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